Monday, January 18, 2010

Why another public history blog?

In a sea of blogs, many of which are dedicated to public history and the historical profession, why launch another one? Here are a few reasons that compelled us to go ahead with our vision:

  • To be a part of, and help to build, the digital public history community.
  • To curate a site dedicated to the introduction of projects near and far.
  • To connect those involved in public history projects.
  • To think about and promote public history outside the traditional boundaries.

We envision having guest bloggers weigh in on specific issues affecting public history creators and consumers, offering informal interviews with practitioners, artists, and scholars, as well as highlighting digital media such as online exhibits, blogs, and websites. We want to be as broad-minded in our approach to what constitutes public history and want to be creative in our survey of the PH landscape.

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